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future ahead for our party. i do have two questions regarding that. what would you say about obama care? i asked because while generally we were universally against it, i do think that lately our town has been sounding like a witchhunt. everyone thinks they will be a winning issue. i'm not so convinced just yet. i'm curious about your thoughts on that. secondly, i was curious about what you think the gop civil war. i have been told to tone it down, be friendly. show an image of you making -- >> who is telling you this? >> the party. we want to make sure that we look healthy. >> live free or die. [laughter] >> amen to that. >> on your second question, i'm not too fond of the term civil war when it comes to what is going on in the republican party. maybe because i lived through one. one of the things that i really hate that is happening in politics, and political commentating today, trivializing of words like hostage, civil war. to me those things mean something. we have to make an effort to tone down and be more temperate voices, and use more rational qualifiers to describe what is going
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1